Hey, I'm Blake, a total dork and an even bigger nerd. I'm way too enthusiastic about sword and sorcery, the fantastic, the mythic, all things food, and my awesome and equally dorky wife Taylor Lee.

I grew up like any other nerdy white kid; I read lots of novels, played lots of games, and watched lots of films, all of which I still do. But what really inspired me was the incredible imagery I found in each of those mediums. From a very young age, I knew I was going to explore the fantastic and share my discoveries through art.


I am totally fascinated by ancient mythology. There are countless forgotten stories that have been told from generation to generation, creating fable, legend, and myth; stories evoking fear, hope, and even heartfelt belief.

Omenshard is a growing series of paintings exploring my interpretations of ancient mythologies from all over the world. I am on a journey to discover lost peoples, mysterious creatures, and dying gods, and bring these time-lost stories back into light.